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About Us

We are a group of business owners working to support each other and the communities we serve.  We firmly believe that we are stronger together. 

Watch us Give Back!

Locals Helping Locals 757 works to give back to the community in a variety of ways.  Our events help ensure that others have what they need when they need it and that those who help all of us know we appreciate their dedication!

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The Start

During the pandemic, a group of local business owners got together to determine how they could help each other survive and thrive through good and bad times.

Photo.Santa's Helpers 2020.Front table Crew and Seton Youth ladies

The Work

Uniting local businesses with each other, their customers, and their community. 

The Goal

Business leaders working together with the community to celebrate and support each other's businesses.

Virginia Beach Businesses Stronger together

Some cool Things about us
you should know


Locals Helping Locals 757 began in the earliest weeks of the pandemic as local businesses felt the impact of the crisis. A small group of impacted businesses began weekly encouragement meetings to share ideas, marketing tips, event opportunities, and much more.


The Locals Helping Locals 757 app is an inexpensive way for businesses to reach more customers. The app is free for customers to download to get discounts, earn rewards, and find things to do at area attractions and businesses around the seven cities.


Locals Helping Locals 757 grew to reach out and impact our community through small businesses working together. Even during the pandemic, we were able to help with school supplies, toy drives, and other local events.


Joining Locals Helping Locals 757 social media promotions helps us grow followers, increases our reach, and creates collaborative opportunities on specials, giveaways, contests, and more. Our first Instagram promo helped increase every member's business by 100 or more followers!


757 is the area code that connects this group of business leaders to great ideas about what we can do together. And we love it when like-minded business owners join the conversation and our efforts to support each other and the community.

From Boardwalk to Farmland

We have it all.